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Chapter One
The Foundation

The Third Ranger Battalion was redounded on November 14th, 2008 by Captain Piet, First Lieutenant Jackson, Second Lieutenant Cullinan, and Technical Sergeant Thomas. During times of desire the unit had undergone some enormous changes, with the activity of Captain Piet dwindling the unit seemed to slope from lack of leadership responsibilities. First Lieutenant Jackson took charge, engaging in recommendation of demotion of the current Captain Piet. This would eventually lead to the resignation of Captain Piet and Lieutenant Cullinan, and the promotion of Jackson to Captain and Thomas to the Executive Officer.

Chapter Two
New Leadership

Under Jackson the unit began to flourish, starting to take shape, the lack of leadership was the Company's only fault. After the dismissal of the First Infantry Division under Captain Walker three new Rangers were admitted to the ranks. With the demotion of Thomas to the technical ranks gave the opportunity for great leadership to obtain the ranks of the unit, and eventually the respect of the realism community. So, it was; Captain Jackson, First Lieutenant Harper, and First Sergeant York, with DiMartino being the First Platoon leader for only momentarily, as he was eventually forced to resign due to inactivity.

Chapter Three
The Merge

As the unit flourished it ravaged the United Warfare League(UWFL) in both the First Season and the Second Season. And eventually the great promotion of Sandy to Second Lieutenant, and Chadwick to Technical Sergeant. These members lead a great platoon and dominated UWFL with there tactful skills and strategies. Decided upon by the Third Ranger Battalion Command Staff, the merge of the Third Infantry Division would commence and would take form as the Second Platoon, lead by M. Harrison. This platoon would not last long as many of the members of the Third Infantry Division were not be "cut out" for the Ranger lifestyle. Eventually the Platoon was disbanded along with the Resignation of M. Harrison. This was a period of growth for the Third Ranger Battalion, being the only time the unit has ever had to "kick" members out of drills due to server capacity.

Chapter Four
Leadership Disputes

This was an era of great despair as we disputed major issues in the unit and as the Command Headquarters Staff mainly between Captain Jackson and First Sergeant York reached an inability to share common goals, a change of pace was due. After a break of two weeks, York returned to become Master Sergeant, and during this time Chadwick would become the First Sergeant for a short while. This is a very desperate time during the Third Ranger Battalion's history. Due to his inactivity, Captain Jackson would be dropped from the unit, followed by Chadwick, and eventually Sandy and many other Enlisted Members. The Third Ranger Battalion was turned into a state of despair.

Chapter Five
A Change

The Third Ranger Battalion entered into a "changing" state. With Harper now becoming the Commanding Officer and York being Promoted to First Lieutenant,the unit underwent numerous changes. These changes included becoming Realismified - every ditch effort was made to become as closely realistic with the Military as possible. Squads changed to Sections. The Executive Officer was dismissed as "unrealistic" to the structure of a Ranger Company. The newly promoted First Lieutenant York then became the First Platoon Leader and Second in charge, a title given to the leaders of the foundation of the unit. He would be assisted by Staff Sergeant Bullock in the running of his Platoon for some time. During this time the Platoon will undergo some major changes from the previous Platoon Leader James "Sandy". These changes set the landscape for the Third Ranger Battalion today.

Chapter Six
Currently Organized and Moving Forward

As the unit moves forward, whilst lacking a First Sergeant, Bullock apprehends this position and we have bestowed upon a new generation of Rangers. Sergeant Faulkner fills the position of Platoon Sergeant to help with the progress of the platoons attendance and stability. This is now the current state of the unit. Rebuilding membership from past faults. The unit is moving in a better direction, creating a new meaning for Realism. As Rangers we demonstrate what it means to be professional, honorable, and prideful at all times. Our members will flourish to become the best in realism.

Chapter Seven
Stable and Kicking Ass

After a few months of new NCO leadership and an influx of new recruits the 3rd Rangers has become the most stable unit in the Realism community. The unit is still lead by Captain Harper. 1st Lieutenant York leads the Platoon with Technical Sergeant Bullock by his side. Together the unit has experienced a huge increase in brotherhood, Discipline and Commitment. Staff Sergeant Mare and Staff Sergeant Thomsen lead the Sections and continue to progress the unit further with their positions.

Author: York, Reedy Editor: Kovacs